During the filming of the clip "Si tôt" of Hornet la frappe in feat with Alonzo, Mehdi Meftah the creator of BL1.D meets HLF. In the clip Hornet la frappe wears a BL1.D cap. The "King" model embroidered with a 3D maxi crown.

The two men are authentic and recognize each other in their origins and their backgrounds. They also share common values such as, for exemple, their affection for neighborhood youth.

Hornet la frappe then discovered BL1.D collections and did not hesitate to spontaneously testify his taste for the brand on its networks. Nowadays it is pretty rare to notice the integrity of HLF who spotlights the brand he loves with sincerity and without compensation. It is also common to see Hornet le frappe wearing BL1.D  t-shirts or caps during interviews.

For his part, this is nothing new, Mehdi Meftah has listened to HLF for years and recognizes him for his great talent!

In summer 2020 when Hornet la frappe reveals his music video "Gardav" and his hit "Tourner la tête", impossible to miss the BL1.D t-shirts and caps. 

This beautiful meeting  between two simple and humble men promises nice projects to come.