The autodidact Mehdi Meftah, a major consumer of luxury items, grew up in a suburb of Lyon. His concept is based on a simple idea: many luxury brands make us pay for the right to wear their names.
Luxury is becoming commonplace, more accessible and, inevitably, as a result, the products are losing their authenticity.
Thus, Mehdi Meftah decided to launch his project “BL1.D“: luxury does not tolerate mediocrity!
His humble yet ambitious objective reflects a genuine wish to renew this idea of “quality” and defend the essential concepts of luxury that are often forgotten, even sometimes scorned.

Ready to face all challenges, he draws his inspiration from his origins in street culture and combines them with the noble and prestigious materials he has selected.
With strength and conviction, he defends the symbols of luxury and aims to exceed the quality of ordinary luxury retail fashion by filling a void in the market: the very essence of “prestige” combined with street culture.

His leitmotiv “Street is hijacking the luxury industry”.
The foundations have been laid.



BL1.D draws its inspiration from two separate universes: streetwear and luxury.

By blurring the codes, its aim is to offer streetwear a brand that supplies luxury clothing in line with its style, its wishes, its way of life, and its values.
Streetwear, an inexhaustible source of trends, and luxury, the reference for a prestigious quality finish, join forces at BL1.D to create collections that guarantee perfect alchemy.
At long last, streetwear, constantly sourced by the world of fashion, is obtaining the recognition it deserves and BL1.D is committed to doing it proud.

From T-shirts to tracksuits, belts to caps, everyday clothing becomes extraordinary when decorated with its 18K gold bar.


Why such an evocative name for the brand? Quite simply because the trend is for ostentation and success being displayed with strength and conviction, not hypocrisy.
BL1.D means strength, success, an abundance of wealth, the embodiment of humility.

And, if luxury is always strongly associated with the symbol of success, it deserves to be defended and encouraged even more.
Talent, strength and courage should be rewarded, success is earned and should not be hidden. Whether you take it at face value or as an ironic statement, commitment and the desire to succeed should always be taken very seriously.




Each artist, each celebrity, each athlete who wears a BL1.D item of clothing is a matter of pride for the brand.

At BL1.D, no strategy led by influencers and false pretences. Those who wear our clothes do so out of conviction and embrace the same determination and authenticity as the brand.