Each model has been meticulously sourced in order to create clothing and accessories designed with the noblest materials. They guarantee an exceptional finish and painstaking attention to detail, no matter how minor it may be.
Each article is made in Portugal or France, the birthplace of the luxury industry, by highly skilled manufacturers selected especially for BL1.D.


The founder Mehdi Meftah, who grew up in the world of street culture, has created BL1.D's identity based on unique styles and graphics without falling into the cliché of “streetwear”. The brand remains loyal to the codes of street culture which in recent years has become a great source of inspiration for luxury brands: trainers, slides-socks, shoulder bags, tracksuits, oversized logos, etc.

Several major challenges are addressed, a daily battle that constitutes the philosophy of the brand:

Never opting for the easy solution and repeating each gesture until the perfection of luxury that can only be true is achieved.

However, beyond these codes, BL1.D is also, above all, a bold way of thinking that lays claim to the right to assert oneself, the desire to be seen, and the pleasure of being associated with success.



Each item of clothing is decorated with an exclusive element that you will find nowhere else: an 18-karat gold bar stamped BL1.D.

Designed and developed by the BL1.D team, it is the hallmark and centrepiece of each of our models.
Produced and engraved by a French master jeweller, it creates the finishing touch, the definition of luxury which ensures that each model is unique and authenticated.


With a constant concern to keep its promise of “prestige and quality”, BL1.D has selected Swarovski ® as its official partner and supplier: crystals that decorate the most valuable models in its collection.
This perfect alliance allows BL1.D to enhance its refined materials with the delicate radiance of prestigious Swarovski ® crystals and ensures a long life for all the articles that are decorated with them.

BL1.D is devoted to providing irreproachable quality: excellence… the prerequisite of Luxury.



BL1.D is determined to play its part in the luxury universe and this essential range is destined to grow.

The forthcoming collections currently being designed already include new products such as tracksuits, men’s undergarments, accessories, and much more.

Very quickly, BL1.D intends to extend its range to the world of women’s fashion by offering an adapted range that will continue to bear the hallmark of street culture and luxury.