Why such an evocative name for the brand? Quite simply because the trend is for ostentation and success being displayed with strength and conviction, not hypocrisy.
BL1.D means strength, success, an abundance of wealth, the embodiment of humility.

And, if luxury is always strongly associated with the symbol of success, it deserves to be defended and encouraged even more.
Talent, strength and courage should be rewarded, success is earned and should not be hidden. Whether you take it at face value or as an ironic statement, commitment and the desire to succeed should always be taken very seriously.

Coffret Bl1D


Each artist, each celebrity, each athlete who wears a BL1.D item of clothing is a matter of pride for the brand.

At BL1.D, no strategy led by influencers and false pretences. Those who wear our clothes do so out of conviction and embrace the same determination and authenticity as the brand.